What can Counselling help with?

Personal Growth & Insights

Most of us reflect on our lives and recognise there are unresolved parts of the past. While most do not affect our day-to-day lives adversely or in a big way, some may influence the way we look at and treat matters such as relationships. Individuals may benefit from counselling sessions that focus on exploring personal experiences, thoughts and feelings on a specific area. Many develop insights about themselves which help them move forward in their lives.

Behavioural Health

Maintaining a healthy body and mind often requires behavioural or lifestyle changes. However, many people find it hard to start or to maintain behavioural interventions such as healthy eating, exercising routine, smoking cessation, worklife balance etc.

Consultation with a psychologist or counsellor who specialises in behavioural change will help individuals structure, pace and carry out lifestyle modifications and work towards healthier living.

Career Counselling & Development

A career is not just a job. We spend an extended period of time being occupied with activities to build a successful career and life. Some of these activities could include, rising up the corporate ladder, starting out on our own, becoming a home-maker, throwing ourselves into full-time voluntary work or easing into retirement.

Career counselling or development sessions help individuals chart their path and track their progress over time. Counsellors or consultants who specialise in career issues would help individuals who are beginning their career, building their career or coming close to their retirement to explore their options and work towards attaining success systematically.

Quality Marriage Life

Many couples recognise the importance of preparing for and continuously working on their marital relationship. Marriage preparation is a good start to a fulfilling marriage. Couples go through ups and down over the years as they work hard to start and build a family, their careers and their lives. Marriage enrichment sessions help couples recognise changes in their lives and help them support each other in adjustment and engage with challenges. Marriage is a journey and having counselling support often helps keep the relationship healthy and productive.

Relationship Success

We engage in a wide range of relationships in our lives, and play different roles: Parent, child, sibling, spouse and the list goes on. Some are more productive and enriching than others. It is also true that some affect us more than others. Hence, learning from and keeping these relationships healthy make us more productive and fulfilled individuals. Consulting with a counsellor on relational issues is a step in the right direction when one meets a challenging relationship.