About Us

PSYCHLIVING Associates is a group of highly qualified, suitably experienced and respected practitioners of psycho-social care in Singapore. We offer a wide range of professional services for working adults, families, children and persons with special needs.

All of our professional services are conducted in mindfully designed spaces to ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of our clients.

  • Lounge
    Thoughtfully designed to feel like a cosy living room and is appropriate for intimate couple and family conversations. The dedicated kids’ corner also creates a safe and non-threatening space for young children.
  • Veranda
    Purposefully furnished to provide a natural and comfortable setting for individuals to express, support and learn more about themselves, or simply to be together.

Our consultants are recognised experts in marital counselling, educational therapy, parenting skills, psychological assessment, and psycho-emotional well being, etc. Most of us hold a master’s degree or other postgraduate qualifications in our respective specialisation. Many also hold prestigious memberships and fellowships with local and international professional bodies.

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